EOCCO 2018 Grant Applications

EOCCO is pleased to announce funds to implement various projects within the region. Funding Applications for the following opportunities are now available:

  1. Transformation Applications (Opt-In Projects and Continuation Projects)
    1. Opt-in projects on focused initiative: These projects are focused on adolescent well care visits, childhood immunizations and developmental screenings, cigarette smoking prevalence, colorectal cancer screening, Emergency Department utilization, and population health management for hypertension and diabetes.
    2. Continuing previously funded 2016/2017 projects
  2. Local Community Advisory Council (LCAC) funding for projects focused on incentive measures or CHIP components
  3. New Ideas and Pilot Projects

The deadline for the Transformation and LCAC Applications is January 31st, 2018. There is no current deadline for the new ideas and pilot projects application and is considered rolling.

Previous Grants Awarded

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