Billing and payments

As a valued partner, we recognize the work you do is important to your community. That's why we want to make sure you get paid in a timely manner.

Below are links to provider documents that will help move the payment process along. Click on the Provider Manual to see what we hold our providers to. The Reimbursement Policy Manual explains how Moda Health pays claims, while the claims payment information page provides additional details around claims and appeals. Finally, the electronic claims page shows you how to submit a claim and receive faster payment. Using these links will help speed up the payment process.

EOCCO Incentive Measure Reference Guide

EOCCO Incentive Measure Dictionary

Provider Manual

Moda Health Reimbursement Policy Manual

Claims payment information

Electronic claims

2017 EOCCO Incentive Measure Reference Guide

2017 EOCCO Incentive Measure Dictionary